Lindsay’s Favorites


Welcome to The Store at Cheap Thrills Books! 

To kick us off, Lindsay’s favorites! If anyone knows me, Lindsay, the head of Cheap Thrills Books (Nice to meet ya!), then you know I love sugar skulls. I adore my heart inspired skull tattoo…Oh, and clearly I love wine too.

Also, I have a soft spot for Edgar Allen Poe, piercings and gauged ears (currently sporting 00g, but hoping to up that to 7/16″  soon). As you can guess, I’m also a big lover of horror, mystery & suspense, sci-fi (a Trekker that aims to misbehave) and pretty much anything book related. 

We’ll be sharing ALL THE ALL of things we love at Cheap Thrills Books, from skulls, to ravens, rainbows and cats, sci-fi and adventure, plus Gothic and otherwise dark and fantastic imagery. We’re excited to share we you tons of accessories, apparel, nifty gifts, novelty items and more!



Reading is our passion. Fashion and accessories is our hobby. We’re always running across things that makes us think of the books we read and the characters we love. And that’s why we decided to share our favorites in apparel, décor, and groovy accessories.

Note: We are not the primary seller of these items. We are simply sharing items that we love. Prices are verified before posting, but please double check the price before purchasing.