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Welcome to the Cheap Thrills Bookstore! Where we love sharing books…almost as much as we love reading them!


Here is a little bit more about us:

Cheap Thrills Book Store formed in March of 2016, growing leaps and bounds in our first year. We’re not quite your traditional bookstore. However, we are your one stop shop for all of your spine tingling novel needs. We offer the best in mystery, thriller, suspense, paranormal and more. A small business with big dreams of sprinkling the goodness of reading to everyone, without breaking the bank.

Meet Lindsay

Well hey there! I’m the Head Book Nerd in charge of the Cheap Thrills Book Store. Although it wouldn’t be possible without our awesome team of authors, I’m usually the one responding to your emails and putting together posts. I’ve lived most of my life in Charlotte, NC and graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a degree in Sociology. I also have strong roots in the Appalachian mountains of NC.

Exhibit A:

To sum up it up quickly; I’m a bit quirky; a peacenik who loves the Beatles & heavy metal, a people lover and an introvert, hard and soft. And of course, I am fond of skulls & flowers (and wine, even though I prefer whiskey)…

Exhibit B:

and also peace signs (tat coming soon, maybe?)….Oh, and Leopard Geckos and kitty cats,  I’m a huge sucker for cats, even though I am allergic and have two..but that’s okay 😉

Exhibit C & D (Neka Love & Gracie Ju-Jitsu Master) & E (Mr. Miss Cleo – He’s almost 20!): 



Most of all, I love reading. Ever since I can remember, reading has been that one thing that can soothe any rough day. It can transport you, move you and inspire you.

There’s not much else like it in this world. I first got into thriller and suspense as a pre-teen in the YA Section of our local library. I found Christopher Pike and read every single one of his books. Bury Me Deep was my favorite, I must have read it at least 10 times. Some of my all time authors include Kathy Reichs (who happens to be a professor at my alma mater- UNCC), John Sanford (The Prey series is fantastic), James Patterson, John Saul, Michael Connelly, Stephen King, Dan Brown, of course, Edgar Allan Poe, and tons more…I also love getting to know new authors through the bookstore. The only problem is there are too many books and too little time! 

All this is why I love running this Cheap Thrills so much. I’m also the proud mother of a crazy pants 4-year-old little boy. Working from home has always been a dream for me and this is part of how the dream is coming true.

It’s my mission to provide you awesome deals on books every day, so that we may never run out of reading material!

I Mean, why binge on Netflix when you can binge on Kindle, right?!

So check out the deals and find your new favorite author…

Btw- can we just get a round of applause for these authors? They are AMAZING! They spend so much time and energy from their soul, working their fingers to the bone for us to have these fantastic stories. Without them we’d be lost, so cheers to them!

And we’re thrilled you are here, enjoy the books, email us if you need and most of all.